Balloon Twisting Classes

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Learn to Twist some Fun!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make Amazing balloon Animals? Then this Class is for you! In Our Class we will take you through all the twist, Ties, And teach you everything you need to know about making Amazing balloon Animlas! Our class is great for both Kids and adults. And the class comes with everything you need to get started. Each calss is 2 hous and can run 4-5 days for more  tec balloon making! If you ever wated to make money, or just make balloons up as a pass time we will show you how to be a great balloon artist!

Price $85.00 for one-on one

Price $5.00 per person for groups 20 or more.

Let Magic By Chris Teach you how to become a Master Balloon Artist in no Time!

"Your balloon Class is by far the best I have taken! I learned so much from your class than I did from Videos! Thanks a buch!"   Jason Gros

"I took Chris's Balloon Class and I must say It is very Fun And Worth every penny! I was able to do Balloon animals for my sons Birthday without paying a Clown!"   Stacy Burtson

"We Booked Magic By Chris Balloon Class for your dayCare, And all the kids Had fun and learned a new art at the same time! After Chris Left the kids were Making balloons Right And left! Thanks for a great time!!"  Amy Watts